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Every professional operating in the construction industry knows that finding a solution for their commercial scaffolding needs is difficult. But for those operating the Macclesfield area and beyond MCB Scaffolding has you and your site team fully covered.

We supply a wide selection of scaffolds that fit all job types, from straightforward short builds to demanding long-term ongoing projects. And we understand there is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to ensuring that your employees or contractors are safe, secure, and able to operate to the highest degree of efficiency.

When it comes to fitting out a site, we are detail-oriented and budget conscious, regardless of the project; no matter if the work undertaken involves demolition, construction, refitting, or an unusual scale of build.

We refuse to compromise when it comes to quality and safety, and will always work to minimise disruption from our site survey and scaffold erection to ongoing monitoring and final breakdown.

Getting in touch with us means that you will have access to a highly trained, flexible team that has extensive experience of delivery on a wide range of timeframes – but one that always places safety first.

Working with MCB Scaffolding means delivering a service that is reliable, affordable, and – above all – safe.

To secure a comprehensive free quote, you can contact our team directly here. Or, if you have any queries about our range of products or our approach to delivery, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly on 07799 453640and let us know exactly what your commercial build needs.

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